Temperatures are going down, leaves are all gone, christmas markets are opening and all you wanna do is to wrap yourself in a warm blanket with a glass of Glühwein in your hands ? No doubt, December is here ! And this month at ESN, we have decided to c
The 90’s have been a legendary decade. The mere part of us was born within these years and beside this, there were numerous other things, which definitely changed the world. Let us have a little throwback… The Cold War ended, the Berlin Wall fell and Nels
You may have heard a lot already about carnival in Cologne. Before you read much further – yes, it is legendary indeed! Get ready for crazy costumes, old ladies partying their asses off, drinking lots of beer and getting to know the “Kölsch” culture.
We hope you all already know our beloved mascot Agrippina von Köln.
It has been quite a while since the last ESNews. Fortunately, the network spent their holidays at the sea, just like our newsletter.
Do you know this blurry feeling at a party when you start losing control, when you realize that you should start drinking water except of beer? Probably – as you are on ERASMUS.
Finally! Pretty much everyone in Köln is looking forward to July every year. Why? There might be several reasons: Some go on well deserved holidays, some are looking forward to finishing class in July too. But for me, Köln offers the best events of the ye
After AGM, the annual general meeting in Warsaw and the SocialErasmus week, the network has calmed down in June. Time for us to take a closer look on what has been going on in the German network: Read more about AGM Germany 2017, ESNters the City Dresden
Even though Cologne was almost completely destroyed during the Second World War, you can still find traces of history just around the next corner. One example – and not a well-known one between tourists – is the Melaten cemetery. The name comes from the F
Finally, summer has arrived even in Germany. There is no better place to be than at a beach: hot sand, fresh water and cool drinks! Due to fact that Cologne is the greatest place on earth, obviously there are some nice beaches over here. ESN Köln presents