Finally! Pretty much everyone in Köln is looking forward to July every year. Why? There might be several reasons: Some go on well deserved holidays, some are looking forward to finishing class in July too. But for me, Köln offers the best events of the ye
After AGM, the annual general meeting in Warsaw and the SocialErasmus week, the network has calmed down in June. Time for us to take a closer look on what has been going on in the German network: Read more about AGM Germany 2017, ESNters the City Dresden
Even though Cologne was almost completely destroyed during the Second World War, you can still find traces of history just around the next corner. One example – and not a well-known one between tourists – is the Melaten cemetery. The name comes from the F
Finally, summer has arrived even in Germany. There is no better place to be than at a beach: hot sand, fresh water and cool drinks! Due to fact that Cologne is the greatest place on earth, obviously there are some nice beaches over here. ESN Köln presents
As the weather is getting better and better (or at least is supposed to), we want you to get to know our beautiful lakes all over Cologne. As you might have noticed already, Germans are crazy about staying outside when the sun is shining. As you will see
This month, we had our SocialErasmus Week with lots of different activites. During this week, the aim is to do something social, and so we thought; could there be a simpler way of being „social“than being nice and spreading love?
Germany is a country that is known for its success in sports competitions. In particular, football has an important meaning. The German national team won the World Cup 2014 in Brazil and is with four won World Cups the European national team which won mos
One of the best things about knowing people from different parts of the world is that you can taste a lot of food. Each country has their own traditional dishes that you might have never heard of. That’s why ESN Köln decided to organise an International D
Here, we would like to show you what has been going on in the ESN network. This month’s topics are the International Erasmus Games, the SocialErasmus Week and the Europe day.
As every new semester, our ESN Into The Wild trip is about to go down! It's the best opportunity to really get to know your fellow Erasmus students that you will spend your time in Cologne with.