What would you say if I asked your thoughts about food? Well, I think the most of us would say that food is important. Very important. It keeps our organism working and provides necessary resources to our body. Each one of us consumes any kind of food at
What a week that was! We started planning this week at the beginning of February, and we were really excited when the semester finally started! We kicked off with our Welcome event. The Erasmus students could be informed about ESN Köln and our programme
Like any big city, Cologne has a lot to offer when it comes to concerts: huge stadium events with the legends, the standard concert halls with ever-changing music, small indie get-togethers - you can have it all. In this article, I present a choice of upc
You like old, really, really old stuff? Ruins make you feel nostalgic and day light is not necessarily in your definition of a good day? Then visiting the Prätorium, the old centre of Cologne’s time in the Roman Empire is definitely for you. Who ever said
Lastly, something has been happening to our culinary landscape. More and more people discover new eating ideologies like vegetarianism, veganism or flexitarism (what does that even mean?!). Between all these -isms one can feel lost and stranded, especiall
At any given time, there are probably more than 500 bars, clubs and pubs in Cologne. Knowing them all is pretty much impossible even for those who spend all their adult life here and even more so for someone who only has half a year to experience them. Th
Cologne is one of the most famous destinations for international students who plan their semesters abroad in Germany. Some reasons for this are the open-minded mentality of the people and the high degree of multiculturalism. As an exchange student it is