Due to the fact that many of you are still trying to find accommodation, here are some useful hints that my help you to find a nice room in beautiful Köln

1) Websites

Here is a list with online platforms that contain several announcements of people wanting to rent their flats or rooms (also for short time periods). You can contact them directly and ask for further information.

2) Kölner Studierendenwerk

The Kölner Studierendenwerk is an NGO that helps students find accommodation in Cologne. They have several residential homes. Students who want to live in one of these residential homes have to subscribe to a waiting list first. Unfortunately, this list is horrendously long, so you need to enrol a few months before your arrival. Nevertheless, you can contact them and talk about your situation. Sometimes they find a solution even in the most hopeless situations.


3) Facebook

On Facebook, there are many groups concerning house hunting in Cologne.

You also could try this one.


4) AStA

The AStA provides a service that helps students find accommodation during their first nights in Cologne, so called “Notschlafstellen”. On their webpage you’ll find any information you need.


Last but not least: Finding accommodation in Cologne can be tough, but it's not impossible! Here is some advice that might help you:

  • Look for other Erasmi to share a flat, it’s easier to find 2-4 bedroom apartments and they are generally cheaper per person
  • Setup a well written template mail about yourself, your finances etc. in order to faster reply to offers
  • Make sure your ad and application are well written and preferably in German
  • Feel free to search in adjacent districts as well, the public transport throughout Cologne is rather good.

Here are some hints on how to tell if someone is trying to fraud you with fake flats:

  1. The fraudster will tell you that s(he) is currently (for a few days) abroad, that's why s (he) can't skype with you or have a proper phone call.
  2. The bank account is not German and in some other country. If you ask the fraudster why, the fraudster will reply that s(he) has been there for a while, cause. ... or that s(he) is actually from there.
  3. The fraudster will send you a suspicious looking scanned copy of her/his ID card. Often they just use a stolen ID and "try" to photoshop their picture in it and sometimes "try" to change the adress.
  4. If you find an offer and one of this points happens to be true, please be very careful. Furthermore I would suggest you to google the person first. Most people in Germany have either LinkedIn or Xing. Very beneficial is also to ask for a skype call to see the flat. So you can also see the person, who rents out the flat. That of course doesn't count for flats and rooms offered by the Kölner Studierendenwerk. This is a public NGO and it's safe to trust them. But please be careful with privately rented out flats.


Good luck everyone!