Köln's 2000 years old history is visible if you walk through the old town. Usually, every tour starts at the cathedral. Built between 1248 and 1880, it is one of the  biggest churches in the world. You can continue your way towards the river rhine and discover the Hohenzollernbrücke. This bridge has become famous in recent years due to all the love-locks which have been put there. If you should ever be bored, you can count them all. If you walk down the rhine, you see many old houses which have been rebuilt after the Second World War. You can see an old church called Groß St. Martin. It is the oldest still standing building in Köln. This church used to be on an island.

Adjacent to the church, there are two figures. Tünnes und Schäl, as they are called, are the symbols of the two parts of Köln, separated by the river. The west is represented by Tünnes, the east (schäl= weird) side by Schäl. Rumor has it that the one touching their noses will be very lucky. Crossing the old town hall, showing off people that influenced 2000 years of history, you get to Heumarkt. This most central square in Köln used to be the place of trade, but also of executions. Executed men were braught to Melaten, the biggest and oldest cemetery in Köln.