What is SocialErasmus?

After it had emerged in Poland in 2008, the SocialErasmus project was officially launched by ESN AISBL (the international headquarters of the Erasmus Student Network) in 2010. It enables international students to gain access and also give back to the local community during their time abroad. The project aims to enhance students’ intercultural experience; specifically to further their understanding of local practices and different ways of thinking. Therefore, it promotes the diversity and future vision of the Erasmus program as well as exchange programs in general and shows that students together can make a difference. Because the project points out the social aspect in going on exchange, the official slogan is as follows: “Reach higher! Go further! Go social!” In order to offer international students a range of activities, SocialErasmus is divided into three pillars: education, charity, and environment. Examples for the three pillars are Erasmus in Schools for education, International Santa Claus/blood donation for charity, and Erasmus Forest/tree planting for environment. On the international website you can find more information about SocialErasmus.


Our SocialErasmus activities

We are currently trying to expand our SocialErasmus project, get more and more students involved in it, make it more interactive and fun! This semester, we had a great time during our Christmas Bakery. Also we organized a blind dinner where students could experience what it might feel like with bad or no eye sight.