1.  Viva Colonia - Höhner ♫♪
  2. Denn wenn et Trömmelche jeit – De Räuber ♫♪
  3. Superjeilezick - Brings ♫♪
  4. Drink doch eine met – Bläck Fööss ♫♪
  5. Kölsche Jung - Brings ♫♪
  6. Pirate - Kasalla ♫♪
  7. Nie mehr Fastelovend - Querbeat ♫♪
  8. Et jitt kei Wood – Cat Ballou ♫♪
  9. Leev Marie – Paveier ♫♪
  10. Alle Jläser huh – Kasalla ♫♪


1. Viva Colonia – Höhner 


„Viva Colonia“ is probably the most famous song from Cologne. The Band “Höhner” has been making music together since the 70s. The song is considered the anthem of Cologne and describes the local attitude towards life: “We love life, love and lust.”


2. Denn wenn et Trömmelche jeit – De Räuber 


This song is about the feeling the people in Cologne get every year when the carnival season starts once again. It is a very classical carnival song and it still gets played in the stadium of the soccer club “1. FC Köln” every time they score a goal.


3. Superjeilezick - Brings 


This song is about memories of earlier times of men who used to turn nights into days with drugs and women. “Superjeilezick” literally means “very awesome time”.


4. Drink doch eine met – Bläck Fööss


„Drink doch eine met“ is a particularly old and traditional carnival song. The song was released in 1974. It is about a man in a bar who doesn’t have any money but is welcomed and invited for drinks from men he has never met before.


5. Kölsche Jung – Brings


The protagonist of this song is 100% a “Kölsche Jung” (“guy from Cologne”). He doesn’t speak standard German, just the Cologne dialect, even if that didn’t work out very well in school. But now he is very proud of his language, his home town and his traditions.


6. Pirate – Kasalla


This song is about a very special kind of pirate: the kind that drives with their ship down the Rhine, docks in Cologne and celebrates there.


7. Nie mehr Fastelovend – Querbeat


The protagonist of this song met a girl on carnival, but lost her again a little later in the crowd. Since then he has been looking for her every year on carnival.


8. Et jitt kei Wood – Cat Ballou


„Et jitt kei Wood“ is a declaration of love to the city of Cologne. Oliver Niesen, the singer of the band Cat Ballou, describes all the things he loves about Cologne: the language, the songs, the houses and the dome. 


9. Leev Marie – Paveier


The title of this song means „dear Marie“. Marie is a very well-known and popular name in Cologne, there are also a lot of carnival songs about a girl named “Marie”. The song is a rejection of the idea of one night stands, which a lot of people are seeking on carnival.


10. Alle Jläser huh – Kasalla


The protagonist in this song remembers a person who he loved and who died, so now he misses them deeply. He lifts his glass: to love, to life, to liberty and to death.