Last minute costume for women: Watermelon


The only few things that you need for this costume are something pink, something green and an edding. On top of the pink clothing you just draw black “drops” with the edding – and voilà, there you go, watermelon!


Here is some inspiration.



Last minute costume for men: Hulk


You need: green clothing and green face paint. At painting your face, you can of course become as creative as you like, there are not boundaries! 


Here you can find a very detailed instruction for the face make up.



This will always be a great costume for everyone who is celebrating carnival in Cologne: Rut un wiess (“red and white”)


Red and white are the colors of Cologne. That means, if you wear something red and white, you are always doing it right. You don’t need much for that. Pretty much anything red and white will work, possibly something striped. This is a very, very easy last minute costume and it also works with every weather and temperature.