Have you ever tasted Spanish Tortilla, Russian pierogi, French crème brûlée, Italian pasta or cheese from the netherlands during one night? Moreover would you like to taste German beer Polish vodka, and French wine all at once? Now all these things are possible.

Are you wondering how it’s all happening? All thanks to our International Dinner
The principal is simple - people from all over the Europe (or even WORLD) gather together in one place and they bring their national food and drinks.

We would be happy if you would write down the recipes for your dishes in our “ESN - Köln cookbook” :) Within the semester we will digitalise them so that everyone can have a look on them :)

ESN Köln is inviting you, it will take place in KHG
► There's no participation fee
► all you have to do is to bring some national food, drinks
► prepare you dish at home

Beer and other beverages will be there.
Let's get fat together :D

Your ESN Köln Team !